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It appears to deals most damage of all sorc-builds and can rain destruction from several screens away, which makes them very powerful. However, this build is very weak against high amount of Fire resistance, as very few points are spent in non-Fire skills. Frozen Orb Sorceress: Focuses on Cold Spells, with Frozen Orb spell as apex. Hey I haven't played since like mid 1.12 and I was a windy druid who was alright but not in hell with max players. So I am wondering what the best sorc build is these days. 04/10/2010 · General- The Orb Sorc is a simple and effective build. Both Rich and Poor can make this sorc to be a sucess. The Sorc can both pk and mf like a good ol' c.

21/03/2010 · 1st: Build up a zealot to make first rushes and chaos or even Nm baal ez. part of 1st day rush 2nd: Level up a Blizz Mf sorc. make mf for hdin. My first MF sorc celebrates her 4th birthday. wanna_kill was made March 20th, 2006. I know this because I got. 26/04/2019 · Problem is my sorc is heavily cold oriented in gear. For the gear my kids need, something like pindle/meph runs would be the best/easiest options. Since i'm new to kolbot there were other options in the day i played i know by experience, that every bot has pros and cons, mainly concerning how good they are. 18/01/2017 · I need help with this build. I want to have a good MF sorc blizz but i don't know so much in the stats points 'cause spells are: 1 warmth 1 static field 1 telequisis 1. it would be a good idea to get the best damage possible with your MF gear. You two best options for a non max block sorc would be Grim Shield or Spirit Monarch.Spirit is. Hydra/Cold = Best MF sorc. superior to meteorb or bliz/firewall Sections: 1.Introduction 2.The Build 3.Skills 4.Progression 5.Stats 6.Gear 7.Max Block.

Sorceresses that can survive on hell difficulty. Ask. the MeteOrb build is the best choice for a Sorc looking to be independently effective. sorc maras shako soc ist for mf um for res sol for dr you decide rings 2x sojs as mana is life soj gives great boost belt arac 1 to skill and slows enemy ie mobs swarming you boots war travs. While we’re excited for the new ladder reset that is a pproaching in a few days, we’ve prepared a list of the best 6 areas for Magic Finding. Since you won’t have any powerful items or Rune words at the beginning of the new ladder, you want to start with a build that is. Check out our top 11 D2 builds for the reset to help you decide!. The Blizzard Sorc is probably the most famous build at the begging of every new ladder. One of the main reasons is her ability to Teleport. It allows her to move around fast, pass through walls. This character type is built off of one skill only, which is Frozen Orb. I personally like this build because it offers me both PvM and PvP with the gear and stats. It is good for mfing magic find since your frozen orb can be used to deal with large groups of enemies. Your only problem with this build is when you have to deal with "Cold Immunes".

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